Fundraising Campaign

Playwrights Horizons

A campaign strategy that led to better communication across teams, more efficient creation process, and double donations for Playwrights Horizons, a non-profit Off-Broadway theater.



Every year, Playwrights Horizons put together a #GivingTuesday fundraising campaign. I worked collaboratively with the development department to create the 2018 campaign from the ground up.

Together, we pitched a campaign that highlighted recent initatives and contextualized the impact of smaller, individual gifts of support.

Process presentation

Playwrights Horizons #GivingTuesday Strategy presentationPlaywrights Horizons #GivingTuesday Strategy presentation — Website mockupPlaywrights Horizons #GivingTuesday Strategy presentation — Email mockupPlaywrights Horizons #GivingTuesday Strategy presentation — More representationPlaywrights Horizons #GivingTuesday Strategy presentation — More accessibilityPlaywrights Horizons #GivingTuesday Strategy presentation — More support for artists


With the creation of bespoke icons and animations, we drove engagement through Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram story

iPhone 12 Pro frame


iPhone 12 Pro


Working within the constraints of the CMS, I developed the main landing page for the campaign and added some custom-coded sections.


Custom-coded responsive emails that showcased each pillar of Playwrights’ fundraising objectives.